Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toooo cute!

brusha, brusha, brusha!!


Monday, September 19, 2011


I was looking through some old pictures and wanted to share a couple! I can't believe Titan use to be this small! Oh my gosh I miss those moments of sleeping and just being able to watch him be still for longer than a min.. He was such a sweet baby and still is great, just way more on the active side, which is a fun and amazing time in itself:) here's some pictures of my sweet boy in the first few months of his life!

I LOOOVE you Titan Jett.. You make my life wonderful and so exciting! I am so happy that I am your mommy! Can't wait to watch you grow up, each and every single day!


Friday, September 16, 2011

He is seriously such a sweetheart:) my mom went and bought this tiny yorkie, his name is Finn! Titan was so sweet and cute with him! (I was a little nervous, I don't think kids get that they can't squeeze them like a stuffed animal) haha but he ended up being great! I think it's about time we add someone like Finn to our Robison clan! I am way out numbered by boys, so maybe a girl puppy:)

We went to salt lake last weekend and met up some friends for the dew tour! Sara and Questo brought Sara's adorable son and we watched the motocross event, it was a good time! We then headed out for a night on the town:)

My hubby on the left, and our brother Stevo on the right..haha me and Stevo ended up getting locked out of our rooms while mike was completely asleep like a rock and couldn't hear us trying to knock to get back into the room and couldn't get in then ended up getting in some trouble through the hallways, running down flights of stairs from the mean crazy lady on level 12 haha! We played it off with the security guy and he let us in the room with his special key haha it was so funny and immature and stupid, but I have rarely laugh that hard! It was good to have a completely stress free night! We have lots going on this weekend so I'll be sure to update soon! Xo

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I love you forever..

Michael left to go work on a job on the Arizona/Mexico boarder.. I have been nervous about this job sense he found out he was doing it.. I dreaded him leaving and stayed pretty strong, until the last hug at the door goodbye and I couldn't stop the tears! I know he hates leaving and I hate to make it harder on him but in my opinion it would be harder if your spouse just didn't care if you were there or not... Anyway the job has gone pretty well and like usual him and his employees kill it:) they have to work through the night sense it's 116 degrees! And they have witnessed a few people trying to jump the boarder at 3 am! They are only about 50 feet away from the actual boarder! But they stayed safe And should be starting their way home tonight! I am so happy! It just got me thinking of how much I appreciate my man! He's so good to me and goes above and beyond to make me happy! He's such an amazing father, Titan loves him more than anything in this world! And I'd have to say mike loves Titan even more than that! I don't tell you enough how grateful I am to have you as my husband forever! I love our talks, there is nothing we don't talk about! I love having you as my best friend! Thank you for everything you do! Your SO SO amazing! I couldn't go a day without you, how did I get so lucky!?? I love you Mike! Xo

On another subject! I can't wait for this fun holiday weekend! Mikes mom is taking Titan up to the family cabin in Wyoming, and me and mike are going camping together! I can't wait! Pictures to come! I am sorry for the long mushy post! I just had to let him know how great he is!