Monday, April 18, 2011

potty time!

OHHH my heavens today was an amazing day! Haha. I have been teaching Titan about going potty in the toilet recently, and decided to buy him his own toilet just yesterday! ( the few times we tried on the adult toilet scared him but I could tell he was ready! Well he LOVES his toilet and has taken me in there atleast 10 times in the 12 hours we have had it. He just sits there though and then.. Nothing. Well he just came to me a min ago and said.. Mommy, potty. and took my hand to the bathroom, so i do the usual and all of a sudden i hear the tinkle.. haha he stands up closes the seat and said all done! hahahahha WOW! i am so happy he tries so hard to listen and make his mamma happy! if i could have him potty trained before hes 2 that would be AWESOME! i know i am in for it now, but this is a great start! On another note me and Mike had an amazing weekend together! His mom took Titan overnight so we could have some alone time before he left for nevada for work! Boooo! :( haha he took me shopping amd to dinner and then had an amazing relaxing day on sunday... I will miss you babe! See you in a week! Xoxo

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The past few months...

So its been so long sense i have really updated on here so i think its just that time! We have been so dang busy and just loving every second of life! Me and mike got married recently and have just been having so much fun as newleyweds! he spoils me rotten.. i am so lucky to have a man that always has my back and makes me a better person everyday! I am a stay at home mom so me and Titan just basically do our day to day things and play allllll day.. and when i say play i mean PLAYJ he is such a boy it blows my mind! i am sorry i am going to brag for a little bit (my right as a mother). Lately Ti is so obsessed with trains and cars, basically andthing that makes the sound of a motor! He has over 500 hot wheels and i am not gonna lie they frustrate me at times hahaha! thanks mike!:) But i have so much fun watching him grow up and learn things daily. Hes the biggest sweetheart! i cant believe he is almost 2!!! ahhh! Did i mention i LOVE being a mom.. its seriously the most amazing job in the world! well here are a few pictures to update on the last few months!!he loves cupcakes:)and chicken nuggets!new hair do!

halloween 2010 LOVE my boys!!!

so sweet!