Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This last weekend me and Titan went and met my family up at pineview! My grandparents, cousins and aunties were there and my aunt Nikki brought up her 4 waverunners! It was soo much fun spending time with all of them! I won't ever forget just sitting back and looking at my whole family so happy, playing in the lake with all our cousins, talking with the adults on the beach, and of course all the amazing food! I ate till I was sick! We stayed out until after sunset.. It's these amazing little moments that define life and what makes it all worth it! I love each and everyone of you, thank you for making the day so special.. I wish I had taken more pictures! Thanks Nikki for the fun toys! Your never a dull moment! Xo

On Saturday we went golfing up on base with our neighbors! It was so much fun! We love them! And I finally got to spend some quality time with my hubby this weekend too! We cooked steaks for my mom on Sunday, and came home to watch a movie and get ready for Monday again! Rise and grind:)xo!


Dustin...Kaylee...Paislee said...

CUTE pictures! Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend. I still can't believe how big Titan is, they grow up way to fast.

The Time of Our Lives said...

Love you to pieces, cute girl! Can't wait to spend time with you again. If you hadn't said you were camping this weekend, I'd drag you out on the water with us again today! Hope to see you and your cute family soon!